Note to self.

Note to self

I’ve seen and read a lot of lists regarding qualities a girl should posses in order to have a good relationship, but after reading the post above, I realized I’ve been reading the wrong qualities all along. Being in a relationship is so much different from being married, not that I’ve experienced it first hand, lol.
What I’m trying to say is that the qualities mentioned above might not be great for a relationship. Like being ambitious, for example, when a girl is ambitious in a relationship, it can lead to conflict, like she’s trying to be better than the guy. In my case, it brought me miles away, which, if I were in a relationship, bring distance… a huge one at that. The others, I can’t argue. Well, all of them are right. They’re true. And… it’s what I’ll be working towards from now on. Hence, the post. May this be a constant reminder that it takes two to tango, and putting effort will make the performance better. đŸ™‚

I remember my post about my own list, I guess I should be more specific than that… so, I’m “updating” my list and adding these non-negotiable qualities. Hihi. See: ADD TO LIST. LOL.


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